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Peruzzo Siena 2 Bike Tow Ball Cycle Carrier Tuv-GS Certified, 2 Year Warranty

Peruzzo Siena 2 Bike Tow Ball Cycle Carrier Tuv-GS Certified, 2 Year Warranty

Peruzzo Siena 2 Bike Tow Ball Cycle Carrier Tuv-GS Certified, 2 Year Warranty
The Siena Tow Ball Carrier offers secure transport for your bikes, perfect for any journey. Its tilting feature ensures easy boot access, and it accommodates two bikes up to 60kg. Securely tips for boot access. Easily access your car boot without removing the carrier.

This saves time and effort, making your trips more convenient. Grab arms for extra bikes. Holds the second, third, and fourth bikes securely.

This feature provides flexibility for larger trips, ensuring each bike is stable. Wide wheel holder with nylon straps.

Fits various wheel sizes from 12" to 29". This ensures a secure fit, accommodating different bike types. Made from durable steel, it can handle a max load of 60kg.

This ensures long-lasting use and reliability. Frame and wheel bike fitment. Supports both frame and wheel mounting. This provides versatility in how you secure your bikes.

Adjustable wheel size and distance. Fits tyres up to 3.2 wide and wheels up to 120cm apart.

This accommodates a wide range of bike dimensions. Keeps bike frames safe from scratches. This ensures your bikes remain in good condition. This provides peace of mind knowing the carrier meets high standards.

The main benefit most buyers seek is the reliable and secure transport of their bikes. The Peruzzo Siena 2 Bike Tow Ball Cycle Carrier ensures your bikes are held firmly, even on long journeys. Its wide wheel holder, grab arms, and frame protection system keep your bikes safe and secure, providing a dependable solution for all your cycling trips. Don't wait to ensure your bikes travel securely.

Choose the Siena Tow Ball Carrier for your next adventure, and experience the ease and reliability it offers. Ski/snowboard carrier available as an extra accessory. Equipped with grab arms for the second, third and fourth bike. Max Total Load (kg): 60. Bike Fitment: Frame and Wheel.

Wheel size: From 12" to 29". Max Tyre Width: 3.2. Max distance Between Wheels: 120cm. Locking Bike to Rack: No.

Locking Rack to Car: No. 01.07.2024, 13:54:21. Tweeks Cycles' parent company, Demon Tweeks was established and founded in 1971 by Alan Minshaw to service the needs of the Motorsport Competitor. Alan, an accomplished racing driver since 1958 and former motor trade salesman, identified the opportunity to supply everything the racer could need from one source.

His principles of offering top products, quality service and rapid availability are as important to Tweeks Cycles today as they were to Demon Tweeks in the beginning. For over 50 years we've been performing at the head of the pack, constantly chasing new products and suppliers to get you out there, doing what you love. This philosophy has been very much embraced by the team at Tweeks Cycles.

Our extensive range of bikes, clothing, components and accessories boasts some of the largest names from all over the world, with leading brands such as Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, Raceface and Continental to name just a few, you'll find everything you need to get you out on your bike! Within a staff totalling over 140 is a dedicated Cycles sales team servicing upwards of 3000 telephone and online enquiries received everyday from the UK and the rest of the world. All of our cycle staff are active riders and bike enthusiasts whether its road, mountain bike or BMX. So when you ask for advice, they can offer a wealth of valuable practical experience to help resolve technical issues and are able to advise you on the best solution. We strive to make your purchasing experience an enjoyable and hassle-free one.

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Peruzzo Siena 2 Bike Tow Ball Cycle Carrier Tuv-GS Certified, 2 Year Warranty